I have used VIP for years now, and would not even consider using any other cleaner. My cotton shirts are always starched and pressed perfectly. Cracked buttons disappear, with new ones sewed in. 
My dry cleaning has also been outstanding. The VIP team always reviews what I bring in, taking into account the different fabrics involved and then recommends how to get a better/safer cleaning.
When I can't make it to "VIP" during a busy week...Chip would hand deliver my cleaning to my home at the end of his day....need I say more!!!!
Keep up the great work VIP!!!!
Geoff Heigh

Vip has wonderful personalized service.Impressive stain removal techniques. They never miss a spot. Worth the trip!
                                                        Michelle Fine
                                                          Swampscott, Ma.
Our office has used VIP Dry Cleaning for several years to manage our clothing, jackets and towels. They have always been reliable, prompt, organized and meticulous. We have been very happy with their consistent service and their friendly and courteous attitude.
PerioNorth, P.C.
Douglas Doben, D.M.D.

When my clothes visit VIP Cleaners they look terrific! Thank you!
Beverly Robertson

I have used VIP Cleaners for many years and have always been a satisfied customer.
Jennifer Ryan

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